Designer Minh Hanh brings Vietnamese fashion to Italy

January 19, 2009          1737 views

Vietnamese designer Minh Hanh will represent the country at the annual Alta Roma Fashion Week 2009 from January 31 to February 3 at Santo Spirito Royal Palace in Italy.

Well-known Italian designers such as Balestra, Curiel, Sarli, Bilotta, Miglionico and other young talents will be present at the 14th fashion week.
The collection designed by Minh Hanh will be one of main events of the programme and aims to promote the cultural exchange between Vietnam and Italy.
Her thirty costumes are inspired by the beauty of young ethnic minority girls in the northwest mountainous areas. The collection is designed with hand embroidered patterns and crystal and gemstone decorations on a background of blue, red and black colours.

(Source: VOV)



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