“Chu Dau” Ceramic – Vietnamese cultural quintessence

September 09, 2015          4063 views
Chu Dau ceramic (Source: Internet)
(Cinet)- Chu Dau Ceramic reflects the Vietnamese cultural characters human values of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Local Religion. It’s natural shape, bright and clear enamel, simply beautiful patterns have expressed the Vietnam national culture.
Chu Dau ceramic was discovered and developed from the Tran, Le, Mac dynasties, and had its most prosperous time from 15th – 17th centuries. Chu Dau - one of the oldest ceramic villages in Vietnam was among the first to help the development of the other ceramic villages. Chu Dau Ceramic is considered as the wonderful one in Vietnam and the world over. Its high quality is shown through the deep blue enamel on an ivory white base. It has also reached the standard of Taoism ceramic with delicate shapes and sparking, lively drawings… attracted attention from people. Even the professional ceramic collectors have passionately respected and admired the fascinating beauty of Vietnamese Red river culture drawn on the Chu Dau ceramic.
According to many experts and historians, pottery ceramic is not only the symbol of culture but also the symbolic representation of every nation’s civilization. In respect to origins of Vietnamese people and desire to promote Vietnamese culture to international visitors, Dragon Legend Cruise proudly presents Chu Dau ceramics, which are commonly used for utensils and decorations on our junk.
Decorates in the ceramic( Photo source: Internet)

That is the reason why all pottery stuffs used on the Dragon Legend Cruise are Chu Dau Ceramics, such as: cups, bowls, dishes, plates, ceramic boxes, vases, pots, and candle sticks, etc.
Chu Dau Ceramic consisted of 3 types: products for civilians, high-ranking officers, and the royalty, with high quality, rare clay in Chi Linh area. Under skillful hands of Chu Dau’s artisans, a lot of high quality products have been created. Moreover, many products with fascinating paintings still remain fresh after 4-5 centuries. It means besides the cultural value, the production and technique of Chu Dau Ceramics were of a high standard.

During the restoration and recovery of Chu Dau traditional village, Chu Dau Ceramic Factory - one member of the Hanoi Trade Corporation (in Thai Tan Commune, Nam Sach District, Hai Duong Province) has followed ancestors’ glorious tradition to combine the cultural quintessence of antique Chu Dau Ceramic with modern art ceramic. Its ceramic products have been exported to 15 countries over the world, and jobs have been created for hundreds of employees in Chu Dau ceramic village.



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