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Vintage Vietnamese clothing to be sold in online auction

May 10, 2016          8260 views
Dozens of traditional long dresses designed by well-known tailors and paintings by famous artists from Sài Gòn (now called HCM City) from the 1930-1940 period are being auctioned online.
Old flair: Poster of the auction
The results of the auction will be announced on May 23.
Called Indochine: Mythes et réalités 1860 – 1945, the auction features áo dài (traditional long dresses) designed by Lemur Cát Tường (1912-1946) and Lê Phổ (1907-2001).
Paintings by Lê Phổ and Mai Trung Thứ and statues from Việt Nam made by other artists are also for sale. The auction also features fashion accessories, such as gems and jewellery, footwear and household items from Hà Nội, Huế and Sài Gòn before 1945.
Vintage: An áo dài by painter Lê Phổ is priced from 250 Euros
The price for each áo dài starts at 250 Euros (US$284).

Source: VNS



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