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“Taste of London” introduce Vietnamese cuisine to UK

June 24, 2014          1582 views

(Cinet)- “ Taste of London” program introduced Vietnamese cuisine to the United Kingdom on June 18-22 in in Regent's Park, London.

London-based restaurant The House of Ho, run by chef Bobby Chinn, introduced Vietnamese dishes at the Taste of London event in London. At his restaurants in Viet Nam, Restaurant Bobby Chinn in Ha Noi (open since 2001) and Bobby Chinn Saigon (open since 2011), Bobby's style mixes French technique, Californian sensibility, a pinch of Middle Eastern spices and a touch of Southeast Asian flavours.

The brand new Kitchen Garden Stubbins Food Partnerships created an exciting, interactive platform for visitors to increase their knowledge of cooking with a wide range of herbs and fresh produce.

This event marked the tenth anniversary of the Taste of London festival, which has become a much-anticipated occasion every summer in London, creating an opportunity for countries to popularise their culture and encourage tourism.

The event appealed for thousands of customers, who came to sample the food and beverages from 200 stalls representing various countries including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain. Japan, South Korea, China, and Thailand, as well as the United States, also featured their local cuisines at the event.

Some traditional Vietnamese dishes are introduced such as bun bo Nam Bo (southern beef noodle), banh my pate (bread stuffed with cooked minced pork liver) and nem cuon (spring rolls stuffed with vegetables, pork and shrimp).

Saying about bun bo Nam Bo, visitors describes his version of a bowl of bun bo Nam Bo, made in only 30 minutes, and signed copies of his book Vietnamese Cuisine, which records his experience of living in Viet Nam and cooking Vietnamese food for 20 years.