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July 22, 2008          1855 views

Xoi, or steamed sticky rice, is as popular for breakfast of the Vietnamese as bread in Western countries. Xoi comes in all sorts of strange flavours. Almost every street has a xoi vendor, waiting to ladle big spoonfulls of steaming xoi into bowls, or wrap it in leaves.

Popular varieties include xoi ngo, or sticky rice mixed with sweet corn; xoi dau xanh, mixed with green beans; xoi xeo, with green bean paste and fried onions; xoi lac, mixed with peanuts; and xoi gac, which is coloured red with the tangy gac fruit. The latter type of xoi is a traditional dish at Vietnamese weddings, thanks to its lucky red colouring. Xoi is also served with accompanying meats, including pork in a clay pot, or chicken. And its eaten plain, or dipped in a mixture of crushed sesame seads and salt.