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Try grilled bananas dipped in coconut milk in Mekong Delta

April 17, 2020          335 views

The Mekong Delta provinces are famous for many special foods, and one of them is grilled banana dipped in coconut milk.

Grilled banana dipped in coconut milk is a childhood memory of Mekong Delta residents. — VNA/VNS Photo

In locals' childhood memories, grilled banana dipped in coconut milk is a special treat.

Across Mekong Delta provinces, specifically Bến Tre, every house boasts a garden with banana and coconut trees, whether big or small. When children crave a snack, mothers often make delectable sweets from homegrown ingredients.

These staple dishes are fairly simple, using a versatile fruit from the backyard. With just a bunch of bananas, people can make fried banana, banana sweet soup, or banana cake.

But to the little ones, grilled bananas remain the best. Simple yet flavorful, a down-to-earth plate of bananas grilled over coal has a fruity, mellow and sweet scent, a smell that could seduce anyone nearby. However, the grilled banana dish isn’t complete without its coconut milk dip - a specialty of the Mekong Delta region.

Source: VNS



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