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Rice vermicelli soup

December 04, 2007          2506 views

It is almost impossible to resist the temptation of tasting "Bun thang" soup when you see it dished up in a bowl put on a low bamboo table in the old Dong Xuan Market, even if you are not hungry.

Seeing a customer coming, the girl selling"bun thang" smiled, gently took a bowl to rinse it in a pot of boiling water, wiped it dry She put at the bottom of the bowl some polygonum. and coriandrum, filled the bowl up to the brim with vermicelli and then dished up all the other ingredients on the white surface of the vermicelli: you must have no less than 20 ingredients to make a good soup of "bun thang"

In the end, she poured a ladle of boiling broth over the bowl, them emptied it back to the pot, so as to make the vermicelli warmer, and finally, poured a sufficient quantity of broth into the bowl for the soup to be served hot.

According to the taste of each customer, some shrimp paste must be added to give the soup a particular smell.

Source: Hanoi administration tourism



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