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Thanh Chuong's Nhut

July 04, 2008          1962 views

Many people in Nghe An make nhut (salad of salted bits of jack-fruit) but Thanh Chương District is the place where people make nhut more popular and delicious.

Nhut making is long-standing in Thanh Chương. It is common and popular food in every family. The recipe includes green jack-fruit and salt. Pare jack-fruit, wash off sap, then cut into lines. After that, mix with salt, pestle cursorily and crush for soft by hand. Finally, put into an earthenware vessel, put vi (trellis matting) on, then put a stone to press them down, pour washy salt water overflow the vi, cover up. It can be eaten after 5 or 6 days. 

At every meal, Nhut can be eaten with cooked rice, adding a little bit of fish sauce. In addition, nhut can be fried or made soup.

Source: Nghean