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Thanh Tri stuffed pancakes

November 09, 2007          2436 views

The making of the pancake is very carefully prepared. The powder for the pancake is made from high quality rice to ensure the whiteness and good appearance. The cake itself is very thin and covered with fat to have the right taste.

In the past, the Thanh Tri pancakes were served also with hot fried tofu. Nowadays, some people may prefer to add some fried meat pie or grilled bacon. The softness of the pancake and the crispness of the meat create a rather different taste.

In Hanoi, pancake has become a cheap and tasty breakfast made and sold at stands. There are many kinds of pancake: onion pancake, cool pancake, hot pancake (always served with meat). The hot pancakes are served instantly. The stuffing includes mince meat and finely chopped wood ears which all must be stir fried before hand. Sometimes, at customer’s request, the seller may make special pancake stuffed with an egg.

Although there are so many kinds of pancake, Thanh Tri pancakes remain the most famous ones.

Source: Hanoi administration tourism



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