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Hemibagrus, the fragrance of com me - The taste of the country side
June 01, 2009        1,212 views

(Cinet)- Living in the fresh water, hemibagrus is a type of siluriformes. Skilful cooks in the North often cook hemibagrus into many unique dishes. Such as hemibagrus mixing with lemons, frying hemibagrus with sauce, hemibagrus frying with garlic, fried hemibagrus, the steaming head of hemibagrus, the eggs of hemibagrus , soups of the head of hemibagrus, hot pot of hemibagrus...

Snacked out
May 18, 2009        1,893 views

Banh khuc is a traditional cake that originated in the Red River Delta hundreds of years ago and in Bac Ninh province it is considered more than just a snack – there it symbolises faithfulness and nobility.

Nam khau, the special dish of Tay Bac
May 14, 2009        1,464 views

(Cinet)- Nam khau is a dish in the wedding party of Tay people in Cao Bang. This dish is cooked from lean and fat meat mixed and sweet potatoes, having unforgettable sweet tastes. Nam khau is the main dish appearing in the wedding party, which is very familiar with people in mountainous areas of Cao Bang. The dish is simple but delicious and hardly anyone could achieve.

Goi oc voi: The speciality of Doi Duong, Binh Thuan
April 20, 2009        1,607 views

(Cinet)- To visit Binh Thuan, if you have a chance to pick up Binh Thuan, Lagi commune, you should go to the sea Doi Duong to eat “goi voi” (dish made of raw fish and vegetables)– one friend introduces. Goi voi, eating at sea?

Pork wrapped in "banh trang"
March 24, 2009        1,722 views

You should make the rolls yourself from boiled pork, vegetables and noodles. Just roll the ingredients in soft "banh trang" and dip them in spicy fish sauce.