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Tom Chua (Hue Sour Shrimp)
March 18, 2009        2,131 views

When Hue natives living outside the city return to their homeland, they usually have sour shrimp. Tourists also make sure to buy some jars of sour shrimp before leaving Hue. Because of the national reputation of this dish, some cooks and merchants specialize in making sour shrimp. In the past, people made this dish at home, but now it is easier to buy it at the market.

Com (steamed rice)
March 10, 2009        1,410 views

In Vietnam, com is eaten at the main meals of the day (lunch and dinner). Rice is eaten together with a variety of different dishes and is made from different kinds of rice. Typically fragrant rice is used, such as Tam Thom and Nang Huong. An ordinary meal may consist of steamed rice and the following:

Snails in Nghe Pond
February 24, 2009        1,758 views

In Danang, the largest snails are found in Nghe Pond in An Ngai Tay 2, Hoa Son Commune of Hoa Vang District. Some may think that small or large size does not decide the flavour of snails.

February 24, 2009        1,325 views

Like 'xoi', sweetener is a Vietnamese traditional food and a companion of xoi. As when 'xoi' is mentioned, sweetener is readily understood to be there in 'xoi'. They are two but often considered as one.

Specialities of Danang
February 06, 2009        1,802 views

Danang is considered the center for good dishes of northern, southern and central Vietnam. The dishes came to Danang in many ways but mainly by those who resettled in the area. They have undergone certain changes to suit the taste of the Quang Nam - Danang people and are filled with sour, spicy, salty and sweet tastes, reflecting various nuances of live.



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