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A cake of ardent love between husband and wife
October 30, 2008        1,227 views

Visitors to Dinh Bang Village in Bac Ninh Province should not miss tasting a specialty of this region: the phu the (husband and wife) cake, a traditional cake made from local materials representing marital fidelity, originating from the time of the Ly dynasty (1009-1225).

Thanking ancestors for the bird nest tradition
October 09, 2008        1,153 views

While only the more adventurous foreigners in Vietnam have tried bird’s nest, the slimy specialty, a nest made from bird’s saliva, is considered a delicacy in the country.

A scrumptious ‘string’ snack
October 03, 2008        1,112 views

Banh tam (silkworm-like rice-flour cake) is a scrumptious, traditional snack from the Mekong Delta that resembles the long, string shape of silkworms, giving the dish its peculiar name.

Pour on the porridge
September 29, 2008        1,540 views

Enjoying a bowl of hot chao ca (rice porridge with fish) is a must on any trip to the Mekong Delta.

Feasting in Vietnam
September 19, 2008        1,742 views

In the past each Vietnamese village would have had its own way of arranging a feast, but there were certain habits that were universal, many of which are still common today.



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