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My Quang (Quang soft noodle soup)
May 26, 2008        1,856 views

Similar to rice noodle and chicken or pork soup (Hu tieu), My Quang is a variety of Pho (rice noodle soup), because the noodles are made from rice and soused with soup as serving.

Cao lau Hoi An (Hoi An vermicelli)
May 23, 2008        1,499 views

Cao lau as a dish has its "own kingdom", therefore, customers are likely to be served with it only in Hoi An.

Regional varieties of the delicious nem chua
May 07, 2008        2,161 views

Nem chua is a meat roll with a sweet, sour, salty and spicy taste which makes the mouth salivate with each bite.

Bun goi da- a delicious dish of Soc Trang
April 23, 2008        2,079 views

Soc Trang province has been for years the habitat of people of the Viet, Hoa and Khmer ethnic groups. Among their so many traditional dishes, bun goi da a special noodle soup is one of the most appreciated by visitors.

Green rice flake cake- Hanoi’s speciality
April 18, 2008        1,590 views

Hanoi is famous for its speciality green rice flake cakes which are sold in Hang Than street. Hang Than is just among more than 20 culinary streets in Hanoi which has about 70 streets with their first name of Hang.


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