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Phu The Cake, A Gift Fit for Royalty
March 19, 2008        2,126 views

Every year in spring, vacationers make a beeline for Kinh Bac (the Red River Delta region) to take part in village festivals that come soon after Tết. Here, youths sing Quan Ho, a northern music style, play folk games, participate in cooking competitions, and make cakes.

“Banh it” - a must try specialty of the central region
March 05, 2008        2,110 views

A popular saying goes, “If you wish to eat banh it la gai, get married to a Binh Dinh man to increase your life experience.”

“Banh khuc”: A delicious gift in Northen Vietnam
February 14, 2008        1,679 views

Banh khuc is a traditional cake of Northen Vietnam. It’s a rice ball made from glutinous rice, green bean, pork, spices and, most importantly, cudweed (khuc).

Southern specialty: Pia cake
January 30, 2008        2,187 views

To many families in southern Vietnam, enjoying pia during the mid-autumn holidays has been a tradition since the early 19th century.

Vietnam’s regions each prepare a unique banh xeo
January 21, 2008        3,397 views

Banh xeo, a Vietnamese-style crepe, is prepared differently throughout the country. Tourists traveling about in Vietnam are sure to encounter a different recipe, and sometimes even a different name, for banh xeo depending on which region and province they are visiting.


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