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Cultural feature of traditional Viet village
May 28, 2014        2,399 views

(Cinet)- To understand the soul of traditional Vietnam, you must go to the countryside. There lies the village, the social cell and the administrative, economic and spiritual unit, that is the depository of its oldest cultural values .

The importance of the shoulder pole in Vietnamese culture
April 25, 2014        1,698 views

Bamboo shoulder poles are a popular agricultural tool used in the daily lives of the Vietnamese people. It is also an image etched in the memories of many people and a symbol of cultural identity which is iconic among foreigners.

HCM City greets Tet with lights, flowers
January 19, 2012        1,442 views

Intensive preparations, including the decorating of hundreds of trees with lights, have been made by HCM City to greet Tet (Lunar New Year) from January 22-25.

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