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Hue The hair
August 26, 2008        1,341 views

(Cinet)- The general The hair: originated from Chinese culture. In the past the nubile girls, about 15 or 16 years old used to wear brooches on hair. When the girls were allowed to make up, she could love somebody. At that time, her love was recognized by her family and society. Hair was considered the love pledge and to remind lovers not to forget their beloved partners. In Truyen Kieu by Nguyen Du, Thuy Kieu cut her hair and gave it to Kim Trong as a vow.

The Hoa’s costume in Ho Chi Minh City
July 11, 2008        1,594 views

(Cinet)- Staying with the Viet for such a long time, the Hoa’s costume in Ho Chi Minh City isn’t now as much different as that of the Viet. However, the elder of the Hoa maintain some patterns of their traditional costumes.

Costumes of the Si La ethnic
June 26, 2008        1,111 views

(Cinet)- The Si La’s costumes have their own identity of an ethnic. Besides the function of protecting bodies, they have distinct social, gender and aesthetic functions. Woman’s costume reflects clearly her age and marital status.

Costumes of the Pa Then ethnic
June 18, 2008        2,333 views

(Cinet)- Pa Then’s women costumes are now almost preserved while men costumes are changed a lot. Most of Pa then men wear ready-made shirts, trousers. Only on wedding day, grooms wear chan que trousers (a kind of wide-legged pants that looked something like a skirt), black and white loosing-fitting shirts, 2 scarves crossing the chests and white belts.

The traditional costumes of Lut’s women
May 30, 2008        1,080 views

The traditional costumes of Lut’s women are inclusive of: turban, shirt, dress and belt.


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