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The four-panel traditional dress and Kerchief – the gracefulness of Kinh Bac’s women.
May 23, 2008        2,823 views

(Cinet)- So far, the origin of the four-panel traditional dress has not been known yet, however, if we go back in time, the carved image of Vietnam’s four-panel traditional dress with two flatting laps is found on the face of Ngoc Lu bronze drum recognized thousands of years ago.

Bahnar’s traditional costume
May 15, 2008        1,381 views

(Cinet)- The Bahnar men wear split neck jumpers. This is a non-sleeved jumper. Its body is decorates by the red horizontal stripes and the fringe is white. T shaped loin- clothes are worn by winding around the belly, passing through the groins then covering part of the bums. On cold days, they put on more blankets. In the past men used to do their hair high up in a knot or let it down. If they wear scarves, Dau Riu style is preferred. On the Tomb Abandoning Ceremony, they often twist their hair in buns behind the neck with a peacock feather on. Men also wear bronze bracelets.

The Thai’s costume
May 12, 2008        1,497 views

The Thai thinly distributes in various areas and regions. In each area, each group of the Thai has different costume styles.

Costume of the Si La ethnic
May 09, 2008        1,837 views

(Cinet)- The Si La’s costumes have their own identity of an ethnic. Besides the function of protecting bodies, they have distinct social, gender and aesthetic functions. Woman’s costume reflects clearly her age and marital status.

Costume of the Pa Then ethnic
May 09, 2008        1,741 views

(Cinet)- Pa Then’s women costumes are now almost preserved while men costumes are changed a lot. Most of Pa Then men wear ready-made shirts, trousers. Only on wedding day, grooms wear chan que trousers (a kind of wide-legged pants that looked something like a skirt), black and white loosing-fitting shirts, 2 scarves crossing the chests and white belts.


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