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The beauty of the Gia Rai’s costumes
March 26, 2008        1,526 views

(Cinet)- The Gia Rai people have their own identities in graphic design and decorating their clothes. Though each Gia Rai group has it own way to decorate, they all have common features.

Decoration Patterns on the fabric of Pu Peo people
February 28, 2008        2,241 views

(Cinet)- Pu Peo people do not embroider their clothing fabric but use the colorful cloth attachments on the hems of the shirts, on the diamond shaped cover in front of the skirts as well as their hems and the turbans. Often these cloth attachments are in basic shapes such as triangle, diamond, rectangle and in color of green, red, white, purple and yellow. They are skillfully arranged to make the patterns like rooster combs, the sun … to convey the common spiritual meanings. The Sun and the Ying-Yang theory are the basis for human and nature development and prosperity.

The Costume of Dao Tien women
February 11, 2008        1,378 views

(Cinet)- With the colorful and detailed decoration on their fabric, the Dao Tien women make beautiful skirts and blouses which bring out their beauty.

Pieu Scarf of the Thai People
February 04, 2008        1,447 views

(Cinet)- Pieu scarf of the Thai women is a specialty of their costume. The beautiful, sophisticated flowery decorative patterns, which reflects the love and attractive feminism of the Thai women.

Turbans and Scarves used by Hue people
January 28, 2008        1,119 views

(Cinet)- In the old time, for the daily life or small festivals, the imperial women often use turbans to wrap around their head.


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